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Our mission at Conscious Planet is to support you to fuel your highest performance in all aspects of life.
Whether you are a busy parent, entrepreneur, student, athlete, spiritual seeker, or just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and working to get back the health we all squandered... or never really had... we are committed to helping you regain the "Original Blueprint" within you of: vibrant youthful energy and strength clarity of mind through our premier food and supplement products and enlightening free education.
We want you to know - you can do it! Just create the ideal environment and provide your body the tools to
In our commitment to support you to create the optimal environment for health and well being, Conscious Planet has added the new ingredient: ASTRIGIN to most of our products. Astrigin brings many benefits including increasing utilization of nutrients.

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Conscious Planet is a PRIVATE ONLINE HEALTH CLUB providing exclusive products, free education and coaching to its MEMBERS.

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